Thank you, Portland.

In 2012, a group of designers collectively launched a week-long, all-inclusive festival celebrating the projects and processes as told by a creative community across many disciplines. In 2021, we closed the book. And, in doing so, we celebrated the eight years that we gathered and created. Learned and grew. Formed new relationships and imagined what could be.

Look Back
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Our website will now serve as a collective memory, a record of what we did.


Our event prep kit, programs from past festivals, brand artifacts, and reports are all available here.


Writing from The Journal, community interviews, and recaps from the festival are available here.


Videos from our launch, our editorial efforts, our Main Stage, and a collection of festival events are available here.


Over 7,000 images from Events, Open Houses, Headquarters, Main Stage, and our parties are available here.

We did it. All of us, together.

Thank you, Tsilli Pines and Eric Hillerns, our founders. Thank you, Kate Bingaman Burt and Rachel Coddington, our torch bearers. Thank you to the hundreds of people who put their formidable talents into the organization. Thank you to the thousands of people who organized. Who showed up and showed out. You made the festival into everything it was. You shaped this community.

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