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An ending.

We’ve reached the of this story. It's time for new ones.

2014 Headquarters, shot by Marshall Birnbaum.

In 2012, a group of designers collectively launched a week-long, all-inclusive festival celebrating the projects and processes as told by a creative community across many disciplines. The festival was a reaction to a city being made better by design. By creativity in all forms. By collaboration.

Today, we're closing the book. And, in doing so, we're celebrating the eight years that we gathered and created. Learned and grew. Formed new relationships and imagined what could be. The impact of what we did together lives on. But the time has come for new voices, new stories.

Thank you, Tsilli Pines and Eric Hillerns, our founders. Thank you, Kate Bingaman Burt and Rachel Coddington, our torch bearers. Thank you to the hundreds of people who put their formidable talents into the organization. Thank you to the thousands of people who organized. Who showed up and showed out. You made the festival into everything it was. You shaped this community.

Our website will now serve as a collective memory. A record of what we did; all of us, together. We're leaving space for the next generation of creatives, collaborators, and community organizers: new voices, new stories. We can't wait to see the next chapter unfold. For now, here's a look back.

The video the launched it all, by Searle Video. Pairs nicely with the original website and brand by Scribble Tone.


1,500+ Festival events

400+ Organizers

500+ Volunteers

8,000+ Attendees

60+ Sponsors

1 Prep kit

(1) Instrument x Google event, shot by Elijah Hoffman. (2) dfrntpigeon x AKQA event, shot by Arthur Hitchcock.

2014 Headquarters on Pioneer Courthouse Square, shot by Marshall Birnbaum and Charlotte Hill.

Main Stage

35 Speakers

13 Hours of content

3 Wood letters

(1) Our host, Kate Bingaman Burt, shot by Win Goodbody. (2) The stage, shot by Arthur Hitchcock.

From the Reality issue of The Journal. Illustrations by Tess Rubinstein.

Student Programs

14 High schools

1,000+ Students

200+ Mentors

300+ Portfolio reviews

Student tours of the New New Crusher Court and the Loop PDX installation at Headquarters in 2017. shot by Ian J. Whitmore.

(1) Original badge and type by Scribble Tone, motion by Doug Filiak. (2) Posters for the 2018 festival, by No One.

(1) Opening party 2019, shot by [Nic Raingsey}( (2) Opening party 2018, photo by Shawn Schmidt.