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Sustaining Greatness: July 20-24

Open Houses curated by Mercatus PDX

We’ve always admired the work of Mercatus PDX. From their directory to their story collective to events like My People’s Market, they’ve given greater reach to so many vital businesses and entrepreneurs of color in Portland. We believe deeply in the power of what they’re doing, and are honored to roll out their week of features.

Our curator this week is their Social Media Manager, Cookie Z, also known as Jagger Blaec, an educator, a journalist, and the powerhouse behind Heaux Stories and Beyond Black Boxes, among many other things.

Since its inception in 2016 Mercatus PDX has made it their mission to elevate the unique and universal narratives of entrepreneurs of color throughout the city of Portland. By listening to the needs of members and honoring the whole stories and histories of our community, we have birthed iconic cultural moments such as My People’s Market and the Black-Owned Business Directory.

This week we are occupying space on the Design Week platform to celebrate our recurring theme of “Sustaining Greatness”. Each highlight aligns with our dedication to amplifying Black and Indigenous People of Color and their voices. Everyone in this curation exudes excellence in their own way and we encourage you to take time to immerse yourself in appreciating their talents and entrepreneurship in addition to all the folx that exist within the Mercatus ecosystem.

- Cookie Z., Mercatus PDX Social Media Manager

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