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Get a Tax Credit for Supporting the Arts!

If you donated to any arts, heritage or humanities nonprofits in Oregon this year, you can double your impact for FREE through the Oregon Cultural Trust tax credit.

Did you know that if you donated money to any of these arts nonprofits in 2020, you can send the same amount of money to the Cultural Trust for free if you file taxes in Oregon? The Cultural Trust then supports those same non-profits, so you're doubling the impact on the arts ecosystem in our state for free! They supported Design Portland this year with a grant that allowed us to continue operating during a difficult year, and they've done the same for an incredible range of arts organizations in Oregon.

How Do I Support the Arts for Free?

To qualify, you need to first make a donation to one or more of the 1400+ nonprofits on our list. Then make a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust on their website. Oregonians who pay state income tax will get the credit back – dollar for dollar – on their tax return. It costs you nothing.

A tax credit reduces what you owe the State of Oregon. It’s a much greater savings than a deduction, which only reduces the income on which you are taxed. For example, if it appears you owe $200 in Oregon taxes but you made a $100 contribution to the Cultural Trust by Dec. 31 of that tax year, your final tax bill will only be $100.

What Are the Steps?

  1. Total what you gave to the nonprofits on this list
  2. Give a matching amount to the Cultural Trust online or by mail by December 31.
  3. Mail to:
    775 Summer Street NE, Suite 200
    Salem, OR 97301
  4. On your State Tax Form, report your gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust. You’ll get 100% of it back! (Up to $500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples filing jointly, and $2,500 for class C-corporations.)

To learn more, visit the Cultural Trust here, or check out their FAQ.