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Breaking Borders: Just Beyond the Border

A New Wave of Mexican Artists are Shifting Perceptions through Design

Industry, an independent global agency hosted an illuminating conversation during Design Week Portland with four boundary-breaking artists. Alan V. Favero, Mariana Garcia, Alonso Murillo, and Ricardo Gonzalez were invited to share their stories and explore ways in which creativity can be used as a tool to overcome challenges and inspire new, global narratives around design.

A discussion hosted by Andrea Perez highlighted each artist’s individual practice while also celebrating the new wave of innovation coming from Mexico’s creative community. Alan Favero is an interior designer who works to preserve the cultural heritage of local artisans and empower indigenous communities. P Magazine Founder Mariana Garcia celebrates the female form through photography. Alonso Murillo tackles hard hitting topics including gender norms and climate change through innovative styling. Ricardo Gonzalez is a multi-talented street artist who’s known for his typography style and large scale murals. By sharing how culture has impacted their careers and steps they’ve taken to break down social and cultural barriers, artists invited audiences to break boundaries in their own realities through creativity.

Following the panel, The “Breaking Boundaries” exhibit served as an opportunity to provoke thought and shift perceptions through active participation. Audiences were invited to meet and engage with the paradigm-shifting creatives from Mexico and interact with their work.