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Alejandra Oyervides

Ale O Owner and Designer

Photography by Ashley Courter

Alejandra Oyervides launched her Ale O Moda label in fall 2018, debuting at Fade to Light, a Portland fashion show known for its unique experience. The introduction was fitting, as Alejandra has since won UpNXT’s Emerging Designer Award and its People’s Choice Award for a style that’s modern...almost futuristically so. Pieces are designed and constructed to last, not only as time pieces, but as sustainable classics that are conscious of the environment they impact.

From Monterey, Mexico, Alejandra was brought up in a culture that celebrated both nature and art, and this foundation is now also her lens as a designer. She describes her collections as relaxed, as they are unfussy yet meticulous in detail. Geometric, asymmetric, sustainable—these are investment pieces, financially, sure, but also as goodwill gestures to the natural resources that supply the materials.

During Design Week Portland 2020, Alejandra will present her first solo runway show, where her newest collection will be on display, with past collections set up as an exhibit.

Why do you think your label resonates with both fashion critics and the real people who wear it?

It’s real and simple. People are ready for a label that gives the wearer freedom of expression.

The label itself speaks to those who choose to vote with their dollar—for conscious closets and educated decisions around spending money on pieces that will last and have a positive impact on the environment. I aim to create garments that are versatile. If you’re not confident that the piece you’re wearing shares the values you hold, you’re going to be hyper-critical. But we’re in an era where sustainability and capsule wardrobes are also trendy. People are starting to care about manufacturing and fabrics and buying consciously.

What do you want to communicate with your different collections?

I want to communicate that freedom and power lead to universal being. We have four collections: Equilibrium, Dimensions Naturales, Isis, and Dana, and the upcoming fifth is Intuition. Our collections offer flexibility, versatility, and flow—style that helps people express who and what they are. Ale O collections also tie together methods of Japanese and Mexican traditions, collaborating together and creating universal beauty.

How do you navigate the added challenges of making your clothing sustainable?

This is quite the challenge, especially with the growing demand for fashion. Sustainability is an urgent matter often ignored by the latest trend. It's easy to buy a quick and cheap trendy outfit then toss it the next season and not think about the impact on the planet. I want to bring more awareness to the fashion industry through collections of reclaimed materials. It’s about being conscious of buying less and wearing pieces that offer more than one way to wear them. Creating collections that are both universal and unique, and not trendy, is what I do.

What kind of designer do you want to be known as?

A universal designer—the one who brought forth the sex-less fashion in today's free world, with sophistication, simplicity, and a hint of a sporty edge. I want to create a shift in the way people see and understand fashion and luxury, and change the way luxury is defined. Also, I want to be a powerhouse and a household name.

As your first solo show, how are you approaching your Design Week Portland event differently from others?

I’m providing visual art by utilizing video, audio, and other programming to stimulate the senses and awaken consciousness to a new dimension of fashion. The show will feature diversity from one age group to the next generation, exploring that community shift into the future of fashion.