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A Nod to Mod Celebrates the Scooter Community and Mod-Inspired Fashion

Celebrates the Scooter Community and Mod-Inspired Fashion

While e-scooters have been getting a lot of attention in PDX as the latest commuting option, it’s hard to compete with a classic Vespa. Sure, zipping around on a rent-a-scooter might be an efficient way to get some wind in your hair while in transit, but there’s an effortless, “cool and collected” aesthetic that comes with Italian designed rides. To celebrate the scooter community and mod-inspired style, Portland Apparel Lab collaborated with Vespa Portland for an experiential fashion show

Surrounded by modern and vintage style scooters at the Vespa Showroom, the performance-art based event A Nod to Mod featured an impressive lineup of established and emerging talent. Local designers were invited to participate and submit their finest moto and mod themed looks and were judged on creativity, diversity, and functionality, both on the bike and off. Notable styles incorporated forward-thinking materials, classic details, and contemporary silhouettes. With over a dozen designers in the running for best in the show, it was ultimately Mingaile Sienaite who won the judges over with two innovative looks that inspired the modern-day scooter commuter kit.

During the immersive experience, over 100 attendees were able to engage with the designs and models on stage and throughout the showroom floor. In the spirit of community and collaboration, scooter enthusiasts were also invited to take part in the event and showcase their own unique Vespas in the parking lot.