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2020 Festival FAQs

We're shifting to a virtual format with a tighter focus. Here's what you need to know about programming, timing, and ticketing.

The world is in the midst of an historic civil rights movement. As an organization, we're making changes to deepen our commitment to racial justice, and that begins with our festival this year. We will focus on content run by BIPoC producers, programming that speaks directly to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and events discussing design's role in social and racial justice.

That means that some planned events are moving forward, but many aren't. Hundreds of organizers have had to make radical shifts with us, and we ask for your grace as we work through all of the details with them and with you.

On July 6th, we're kicking off a new format for Open Houses on Instagram in collaboration with curatorial partners. That day, we’ll also relaunch our festival line-up with the programming you can expect to see in August.

Thank you for staying engaged as we find our way through this together. If you have questions about programming, timing, or ticketing, please read below and feel free to reach out to address anything we haven't answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key dates?

2. If I had tickets for an event in April, is it happening in August now?
A small number of events are moving with us to August. Most events are cancelling. We will publish the festival's schedule on July 6th, but you're welcome to email organizers ahead of time to ask if they have a new date to share.

3. Who should I contact if I have questions about tickets?
You are always welcome to email us directly, but the best place to start is with the organizers of the events you were planning to attend.

4. If an event cancels, will I get my money back?
Absolutely. Organizers will contact you with details around cancellations, which will include refunds.

5. I don't want to attend anything anymore. Can I get my membership fee refunded?
Of course. Just email us and we'll get you a refund.