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The Native Perspective Missing from Design

“Is this by an Inspired Native or is this Native-inspired? That’s what corporations call the products they're creating with fake Native art.” - Louie Gong, Eighth Generation

Louie Gong’s Eighth Generation, at the flagship store in Seattle. Photo by Haris Kenjar, courtesy of Louie Gong.

During this year's festival, April Baer of OPB's State of Wonder, in partnership with Portland State University’s Native American Student and Community Center, brought together six Native panelists for a conversation about their work.

"As often as Native and Native-influenced imagery turns up in apparel, graphic design, product design and elsewhere, there’s a chronic dearth of Native designers or influencers involved in the creative process. We’re talking with a constellation of Native designers and makers to unpack the systems that made these images possible, and discuss more equitable products."
OPB State of Wonder



Beaded work by Caroline Blechert, one of several lines from Creations for Continuity. Photo by Angela Gzowski, courtesy of Caroline Blechert.