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A hub for attendees to explore DWP programming

This year, we partnered with PNCA's senior Graphic Design class to create a vibrant visual installation based on our itineraries. Their activation serves as a hub for attendees to explore our programming. Students used cues from the graphic language and colors of this year's festival branding and guidance from our resident designer, Gaby Tirta Jenkins.

Gumball machines dispense an assortment of delights and prizes.

Reclaimed newspaper boxes, courtesy of Willamette Week, serve as a technicolor distribution point for our itineraries. But this isn't just about grabbing a piece of paper. Reimagined gumball machines are giveaway portals full of buttons, design wisdom, quotes, and secret prizes. Sandwich boards have daily picks for the festival, curated by PNCA Design.

April 11, 2019 6:00pm8:00pm Festival Event

It's not too late to stop by and try your luck at the installation. You may just walk away with a free year-long Community Membership to Design Portland! At the very least, you'll get to see one of Portland's most beautifully restored, historic buildings, and all of the amazing people and work that happen inside.

April 8, 2019 7:00pm8:30pm Festival Event

511 NW Broadway

Designers: Parker Bowen, Stephanie Dickerson, Nico Filoseta, Yen Hoang, Jem Irving, Irene Ramirez, Margie Rischiotto, Jessica Saultz, Keith Wallach, Steven Xue

Other contributors:
Megan Wood, Cass Marotta, Trung Bao

Mentors: Thomas Cobb, Kristin Rogers Brown, Gaby Tirta Jenkins, Chelsea Stephen, Meghann Gilligan.