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Open House: The Wild

The Wild launched its product in the fall of 2018, but it is a living, breathing platform that requires constant attention. With a nimble team of ten creatives, the platform connects people working in the architecture, engineering, interior, and environmental design fields, allowing them to explore their models at scale.

At The Wild's upcoming Open House on Thursday, April 11, attendees will get a chance to experience designing in the platform. Together, they'll create on an exquisite corpse in virtual reality, and enjoy food and drinks while watching the design unfold on the big screen.

Tell us about your upcoming Open House.

Exquisite corpse usually occurs on paper, but we decided to bring it into the virtual world, making it easy to create a surreal and bizarre immersive world, collaboratively. We’re excited to see the weirdness that ensues.

We’re always inspired by the unprompted, playful creation that happens over and over again when people try out The Wild for the first time. We want to create a space where people can inspire each other and create something truly weird and wonderful together.

And what is The Wild?

The Wild is an immersive collaboration platform for teams to experience their work together, from anywhere, in augmented and virtual reality. The big idea of The Wild is that we enable multiple team members and stakeholders on a project to experience a design immersively, together, in real time, from anywhere in the world—on any device. Our VR experience uses natural voice and body gestures to mimic actually being in the same room together.

April 11, 2019 4:00pm7:00pm Open House

Do you need specific skills to participate?

Just an openness to try something new! Being in virtual reality for the first time can sometimes be jarring, but due to the social nature of our platform, you won’t be alone. A team member from The Wild will be in VR with you to show you the ropes and answer any questions you might have. Participants will be creating the exquisite corpse in VR, but we’ll also view it on a big screen and in AR on an iPad.

How do existing customers use The Wild?

Our customers—people working in the architecture, engineering, interior, and environmental design fields—are using The Wild to collaborate, improve upon their workflow, and see their models at scale. This helps their teams save time and make better decisions. The Wild is used to hold immersive and collaborative design review meetings, to design and iterate on a concept as a team, and to present to stakeholders and clients. Collaborating on spatial designs in 2D is problematic—details get missed when stakeholders can’t explore and experience a space until it’s physically constructed. In The Wild, our customers find an easier way to articulate ideas, leading to a much more informed sign-off. Our vision is to shape the future of collaboration by connecting people and their ideas across distance into a shared virtual experience.