Designing Your Story in AR/VR for Maximum Impact and Engagement with Frank Spillers


The more we are exposed to a technology, the more use cases start to emerge. Now, with multiple interests in immersive digital experiences, we are seeing the need for more meaningful and useful applications. “We tend to wait for technology to be given to us. We need to insert ourselves at the beginning, into the narrative creation and shape how this technology is introduced into our lives,” says Frank Spillers, CEO at Experience Dynamics and AR/VR Design instructor at the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF). He will be the workshop’s host.

The IDF Portland chapter is part of a global network of interaction designers and educators that provides accessible education for anyone interested in an Ivy League education experience without the hefty price tag. Designing Your Story in AR/VR for Maximum Impact is a unique workshop that will help participants develop ways to leverage immersive tech through interaction design and storytelling. Content developers and UX designers are going to find this event very useful. “We won’t be focusing on programming and development,” Spillers says. The event is open to anyone who wants to learn more about user experience and interaction design.

“This is not a call for technology,” Spillers says. “This is a call for how to use the technology. Any level is welcome to join the workshop.” Spillers will present a brief primer on AR/VR technology, then dedicate the majority of the workshop to designing an experience through storytelling.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to achieve exciting and meaningful AR/VR content through empathy and first person storytelling. Spillers will share some skills and techniques for content developers and designers to add to their AR/VR toolkits, as well as facilitate design thinking techniques to develop B2B storytelling. According to Spillers, the B2B potential for this technology allows us to navigate and visualize tangible insights for better problem solving. Storytelling sparks interest and sustains the experience over time through thoughtful narrative construction. Immersive narratives have the potential to facilitate faster solutions and get everyone on the same page.

This will be a fun and interactive experience. So if you’re looking for another lecture, this isn’t it. You’ll be getting into prototyping and developing your skills in storyboarding. Come to the workshop with an open mind to a wider conversation about making new immersive media more compelling and interesting. Learn how AR/VR extends beyond the gaming realm and how imperative it is for designers to get involved.