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Designing for the Ear

The best of podcasts and audio storytelling.

The term “podcasting” has grown steadily in popularity over the last couple of decades and is currently experiencing a significant boom in the number of both producers and listeners. As with many emerging and evolving industries, standards and guidelines remain elusive, while experimentation is rich and abundant. From daily news segments to fictional long-form stories, the growing number of high-quality podcasts is vying for the attention of the listening public.

Join us at Designing for the Ear, a panel discussion hosted by the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, focused on podcasting, sound design, and storytelling. Moderated by Andrew DeVigal, Chair in Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement at the University of Oregon and former multimedia journalist for The New York Times, this panel of thoughtful podcast producers and audio storytellers will share the craft of conducting audio interviews, scriptwriting for the ear, and sound design.

This event is ideal for people interested in the various formats and techniques of podcasting that capture an audience’s attention. The discussion will include how to grow a following and how to convert that following into a business model. There will also be a reception after the event, where you can chat with the moderator and speakers.

Speakers on the panel include:

Kaitlin Prest of The Heart (Radiotopia) and The Shadows (CBC)

Peter Frick-Wright of Outside Online

Dmae Roberts of Stage and Studio (KBOO)

Leah Sottile of Bundyville

Kaitlin Prest is an audio documentary artist based in New York, but hailing originally from Montreal, Canada. Kaitlin is well known for her podcast, The Shadows, on CBC. She has also been the creative director for The Heart (Radiotopia from PRX). Peter Frick-Wright, along with his partner Robbie Carver, are known as 30 Minutes West, the people behind the podcast for Outside magazine, Outside Online. Peter is a local podcaster, dedicated to outdoor lifestyle podcasts. Dmae Roberts is from Stage and Studio at KBOO, has won two Peabody awards for her work, and has produced over 400 documentaries and audio art pieces for NPR and PRI. Leah Sottile is a freelance journalist, whose work has been featured by The Atlantic, The Washington Post, and Vice. She is also the host of the Bundyville podcast.