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What happens when a team of architects collaborate with Portland’s top designers?

In this case: a one-of-a-kind physical structure that questions our conventional ideas of comfort.

Here’s the issue. As modern American architecture advances, our spaces have gotten further removed from the natural world. Instead of designing within nature, our structures are increasingly distanced from the elements. For example, many of them maintain a constant temperature, humidity, and controlled amount of light. To help bridge this gap, a group of architects, makers, and fashion and apparel designers got together and formed a simple solution: create a playful fabric space as well as outerwear designs that mimic and visibly respond to the natural environment.

Then, they would invite the public into this space, both to celebrate the Pacific Northwest’s unique natural beauty, and to discuss how we can continue immersing ourselves deeper within in—all via the practice of design. The final product, after weeks of work, was a smash success.

Bora created the overall concept, while Creative Capital Design worked with Sonia Kasparian to design the wearable collection. The designers weaved immersive technologies within fabrics, using minimal surfaces as a design tool. The expert makers of The Good Mod fabricated and assembled the structure.

Rainer Industries took the task of slicing the larger fabric pieces and pattern cutting. Industrial Fabric Association International and Guildworks provided overall guidance and consultation.

Afterward, the local community was invited to step inside and enjoy the space. The result? An entirely new perception of “comfort.”