Better Together: Better Talk


Good design is great, but it is always better when it benefits community. Jump into this panel of designers and nonprofit leaders who are working together to bring good into the world through collaborative design. A collective board of creative agency and non-profit organization representatives present, Better Together: Better Talk, a panel of designers and do-gooders that will discuss the trials, tribulations, and success stories of working together. Come to this event and learn about communicating and delivering more effective, abundant creative partnerships and productive collaboration between creative and NPOs.

If you’re a nonprofit that wants to learn how good design and marketing can better help you fulfill your mission, this is for you… If you’re a designer or other creative who wants to work with nonprofits to make our world a better place, this is for you! All are welcome to attend.

You’ll come out of this event with motivation, connections, and resources. Look forward to the visual recap of the panel discussion created by a graphics facilitator, and take home a creative services guide provided by Visible.

April 8, 2019 / 6:30pm8:00pm/ Festival Event
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We caught up with Nicole Sakai, a partner of Factory North and an event supporter, to learn about what they do and how this event aligns with Design Week Portland. “We have a passion for making our community a better place to live,” Sakai said, “whether that's helping small businesses stand out and grow, or doing low-bono work for nonprofit organizations in our own backyard. We always have at least one nonprofit client at all times.”

What prompted this concept for an event? Are you working with internal colleagues or collaborating across the design community?

I’ve been hearing some common frustrations amongst creative colleagues—that they want to use their talent to help nonprofits become more visible, but they’ve hit roadblocks around funding or bandwidth, or maybe they haven't even tried to pursue that work because of other assumed challenges. My friend, Danny Palmerlee, who works for Western Rivers Conservancy, brought to my attention the lack of inspiring conferences for nonprofit organizations and the challenges they face when tackling design/marketing services. All of these combined felt like a common mission, and Design Week Portland was a supportive infrastructure to launch our event within.

Our supergroup of collaborators includes:

Danny Palmerlee of Western Rivers Conservancy

Jen Thomas and Liz Neilson of Visible + The Beauty Shop

Nicole Sakai and Tyler Segel of Factory North

Precious Bugarin of Precious Bugarin Design + Senior Faculty PSUGD

Rachel Hughes of Jolby & Friends

Toni Tabora-Roberts of Esper House

Have you had a chance to check out this year's Design Week Portland event schedule? Are there any other events that align nicely with yours?

Yes! These events:

Inclusion by Design

Agencies for Change: Art of Resilience and Resistance, A Poster Show for Trans Lifeline

Create for a Cause

Social Impact Design Workshop

Making Design Matter: A Panel Discussion on Impact Measurement and Design

Better Talk is part of a 3-track event called Better Together. The other events included in this track are: Let's Get Busy and the Visible Equity Tournament. Combined, we hope to give creatives and non-profits 3 different experiences to motivate and connect.

April 13, 2019 / 11:30am6:00pm/ Festival Event
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