Beacon Quarterly Presents: No. 08 Nail Biter


Beacon Quarterly’s release parties are an extension of their mission to celebrate inspired ideas from creatives all over the world. This event is designed to bring the No. 08 Nail Biter issue to life through experience and interactive elements created by featured contributors. These parties have steadily grown from a quiet celebration for No. 04 Bag Lady to the release of No. 07 Two Faced, their biggest event to date—hosted in collaboration with Y.G.B. Portland, the event included formal sponsorship and about 50+ pre-sales.

Design Week Portland is a natural fit to release No. 08 Nail Biter. Beacon is taking this opportunity to double expansion efforts in 2019 and extend the platform to their contributing artists. This will be the first event that fully realizes the vision and direction of Beacon’s founder, Chacha Sands.

Just about every element of the event will be interactive: a faux nail salon pop-up, an immersive sound/space installation with a live streaming projection, and an experiential photo booth that lets you wear long nails and play with objects. Maurice Soundz from Eight Flat Frequencies has collaborated with Beacon to develop a monthly publication for music industry followers called Trust The Process, which will be the catalyst for a panel of musicians during the event. You’ll also be able to explore materials and texture through touch in the living room installation and walk through hand-embroidered panels of ten-foot toile.

The idea of this event aligns with Chacha’s personal design philosophies and multi-business operations. “I believe that every element in life should be seen and celebrated at its full potential and that design affects us well beyond visual first impressions. This style of event is a lot of what I do in my firm, Crib Design House, and what inspires my direction for the boutique I co-own with my mom, Trove.”

It takes a village to build a multi-sensory immersive event like this, and Chacha’s got an awesome supporting crew. James Vance, a.k.a. GWIZSKI, founder of Omega Supreme Records and No. 08 Nail Biter contributor, is a good friend who inspired Chacha to produce such a grand event. Chacha’s mom, and co-owner of Trove, is a significant behind-the-scenes player. Beacon Quarterly would not have grown this fast without the team and interns—specifically, director of visual content, Britt Mohr; director of written content, Kailla Coomes; director of graphic design, Zach Westerman (based in Chicago); director of audio podcast, Ariel Weiser; director of film production, Reid Kille; and senior designers, Nathan Bergfelt and Stephanie Guy.

Finally, this event wouldn't be so epic without Jodie Steagall, owner of 220 Salon, donating the space and Red Bull, Westward Whiskey, and Som (Pok Pok Som) sponsorships. Be sure to check out all of the artists’ building installations, specially created for guests to experience during the event: MAED Studio, Ms. Dukes, Dookotips, Rover Banes, Jacque Fitzgerald, DJ 8Flat, Lisa Chiem, Ellie Chatman, and the entire Beacon Quarterly team.