B76 Guided Walking Tour

Get insider access to the newly constructed building


Along the eastern edge of the river, where Couch connects with Burnside, there has been an explosion of contemporary architecture, from the Yard and Dumbbell buildings, to the new and renovated spaces immediately surrounding them. One of the newest buildings on the scene is the stunning B76, designed by Skylab Architecture. During Design Week Portland, Skylab will unveil this new retail space to the public via guided tours.

B76 is an innovative commercial building being developed upon leftover berm space, right in the geographic center of the city. Its intentions are to be connective, linking public transportation, pedestrian, and bicycle access, as well as access to Burnside Skatepark and a newly leased area for food carts below the bridge. As Skylab states, this new building “will extend the Third Avenue ground level retail environment into the forgotten and unused urban spaces full of creative potential.”

April 10, 2019 / 3:00pm5:00pm/ Festival Event
April 11, 2019 / 3:00pm5:00pm/ Festival Event
April 12, 2019 / 3:00pm5:00pm/ Festival Event

Over the course of three days, Skylab, Catena Consulting Engineers, and Andersen Construction will be hosting six guided tours at B76. Each day, there will be two tours led by different industry professionals who are helping to bring B76 to life. Professionals, students, design enthusiasts—all are welcome. Anyone who has an interest in learning more about this uniquely constructed building will enjoy such insider access.

*Each tour will only accommodate 10 attendees, so grab your ticket before they sell out!

About the tour:

Come gain insight into Skylab’s design process, and learn about the new CLT structural system and innovative construction methods used to bring this building to life. Visitors will also walk away with a handout that includes key project facts. Please note that each person will be required to wear a hard hat and construction boots, which will be provided upon arrival.

About the building:

B76 was designed as a working-class building aimed at public transportation connectivity, pedestrian openness, and bicycle priority access. It is positioned centrally in the new eastside community envisioned by the Burnside Bridgehead Framework plan. The ground floor will be activated by storefronts along Third Avenue and a workspace above. This new building program will also reintegrate a pedestrian stair down from the Burnside Bridge level to Third Avenue, akin to the original stairs that previously existed.

This wedge-shaped 20,000 sq. ft. building will feature a new CLT structural system with open, ground-level, commuter-oriented retail environments for daily guests and tenants. The workspace above will be wrapped in brick masonry with the building acting as an anchor for the Burnside Bridge and a gateway to the eastside community.


There is no parking at B76. So please arrive early to find parking on the street or in nearby parking lots. Alternatively, B76 is very central, so you can bike, walk, or take public transportation.