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Interview with Gaby Tirta Jenkins and Precious Bugarin

Meet the designers behind the 2018 Design Week Portland brand refresh

Gaby Tirta Jenkins and Precious Bugarin collaborate under the studio name No One. They've worked together on and off for several years and most recently collaborated on the 2018 Design Week Portland brand refresh. Gaby and Precious created a new design system inspired by the histories of Portland and the festival, utilizing a fresh and flexible grid system that extends to our print collateral, web presence, newsletter, and social feeds. Read on for a Q&A with them to learn more about their design process for DWP, and to find out the other ways they are involved in the festival.

DWP: Could you tell us about the inspiration/design thinking behind the brand refresh for DWP?

Gaby and Precious: As we worked on the project the words "accessible" and "foundational" drove the direction of our work. We needed to create a brand that reflected and embraced the different disciplines, events, voices and audiences of the festival. History helped to guide us. We started with the decision to retain the custom typeface, Kicker, created by Scribble Tone for the original brand—there was a story in this, the numbers are fantastic and as display the typeface really shines. The black and white pattern was also retained but simplified into a graphic tile that could be manipulated and collaged. Funky and fun vintage Rose Fest and Rose City Brewing graphics and the work of Paula Scher, namely her festival work, inspired us.

Part of the inspiration behind the 2018 DWP brand refresh

We created a flexible, foundational brand that could grow with the organization. Within the branded system we chose to use a grid to organize or call out information, as grids are universal structures creatives use. We decided to go bold with Kicker as headlines and work with a vintage feeling color palette—that hints at Portland in unexpected ways. It’s exciting for us to see the brand in action; how the system is owned and interpreted by the design team.

Print collateral at a press check

DWP: What was your collaboration process like?

Gaby and Precious: We’re like sisters and besties and each others' biggest design heroes. Honesty and mutual respect makes our collaboration work. When something doesn't feel right, or is forced, we talk it out and the discussion leads to unexpected places. We both have our hands in several projects and places at once. We’d work odd hours and have meetings in SW over lunch between our offices.

Gaby Tirta Jenkins is a creative with a dynamic background in design, branding, art direction, photography and interactive; she collaborates with small and large organizations. Currently, she is creating for Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian aid organization based in Portland, Oregon. You can find more of Gaby's work at

Precious Bugarin is a designer, connector, creative director and educator. She develops projects for business, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and individuals through her eponymous studio and is a senior faculty member in the PSU graphic design department. Precious can be found online at

You can find them collaborating at No One.