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Tina Snow Le
  1. What are you selling?
  2. Is it a product, service, or idea?
  3. Where did you get your creative concept?
  4. Are you borrowing revolutionary language to build a brand?
  5. Are you appropriating someone’s culture, art, struggle, or sacred spiritual ideals?
  6. Are you using tropes of dominance or violence to create the illusion of authority?
  7. Do you think about representations of race and gender?
  8. Have you contemplated your role, as a designer, within capitalism?
  9. Are you creating needs, wants, or longings?
  10. Are you telling a story?
  11. Is telling a story different than telling the truth?
  12. Are you solving a problem?
  13. What problem are you solving?
  14. Is there a way in which your work might be creating or contributing to other problems?
  15. Who benefits from your creative work?
  16. Who profits?
  17. Have you considered the ethics of the companies you sell your creative power to?
  18. Do you respect the people you work with and for?
  19. What about the earth?
  20. These products you are selling, what are they made of — the raw materials?
  21. The tools you use to make your work, where did they come from?
  22. Do you think about how long these things will last?
  23. And where they will go when we’re done with them?
  24. Do you think about the garbage?
  25. Do you consider the people who make these products and tools?
  26. How do they spend their days?
  27. What are their working conditions?
  28. How much money do they make?
  29. Do they have a sense of personal agency in their work?
  30. Do you have a sense of personal agency in your work?
  31. Do you and your colleagues grapple with these complicated questions together?
  32. Do you contemplate the social impact of what you’re creating?
  33. Is it okay to be a designer without weighing the larger implications of your work?
  34. Or, is it "just a job"?
  35. How do you use the money you make?
  36. What are you working for?
  37. What I mean to say is, Why do you do what you do?
  38. Why do you get up every day and make work?
  39. Do you believe in what you’re creating?
  40. Do you believe in what you’re selling?
  41. What are your core values, your own deeply held beliefs?
  42. Is your work in alignment with these values?
  43. Do you believe that you must compromise your values in order to survive?
  44. What would it look like to honor your interconnection to the earth, the plants, and all living beings?
  45. What would it look like to thrive financially, while living and working with integrity?
  46. How would that feel?
  47. Would that change the way you work?
  48. Would that change the way you live?
  49. Can you create the world you want to live in?
  50. How can you start today?