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The Waitlist Widget

Once one of your Ticket Types sells out, we replace the “Add to Cart” button with a “Join Waitlist” button. The Waitlist is currently only available for Festival Events. The Waitlist widget displays the number of people on your event's Waitlist and how many invites are pending. Each entry on the Waitlist is a Reservation.

Managing the Waitlist

To invite a guest from the Waitlist, click “Invite” on their Reservation. Invites are valid for 24 hours, and allow the invitee to register by adding the ticket to their cart. If the invite expires without having been claimed, it will be marked as Expired, but you can re-send it. Only send Reservations an invitation to purchase tickets you know you can accommodate.

You can also quietly remove Reservations, as you see fit—we recommend only doing this if you believe someone is abusing the system, or to clear out unnecessary reservations (i.e. for Ticket Types of which you don’t intend to release more).


What if I don't want to use the Waitlist?

People will be able to sign up for your Waitlist when your tickets sell out, but you are under no obligation to use the Waitlist feature. Whether or not you choose to use the Waitlist to release tickets, it can be a useful tool to gauge interest in your event and help you plan for your next one.

What happens to Reservations when I increase my event's capacity after it sells out?

Waitlist invitations are not automatically sent when you change the capacity of a Ticket Type. If you increase the capacity, you can still send out invitations in parallel: anyone with an invitation will be guaranteed a Ticket if they want one (even if you sell out again)!