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Ticket Types

Ticket Types represent different ways attendees can register for your event. There's a variety of options for how attendees can purchase or register for tickets. Some examples: General Admission, a reduced-price Student +Faculty ticket, or a free RSVP.

When you create a Festival Event, the default Ticket Type will be General Admission, with a price of $0.00 and unlimited capacity. The Ticket Types widget is not shown for Open Houses, which all have free, unlimited RSVP tickets assigned to them.

Ticket Type Options

In the Ticket Type widget, you can see all of the details about your Ticket Types.

A green dot means the Ticket Type is available for purchase; yellow means it’s sold out, and red means it’s private or hidden. By clicking "Edit," you will be able to configure the following:

  • Name: Name of your Ticket (aka General Admission, VIP Access, Student Ticket, etc)
  • Description: More information about the Ticket Type.
  • Enabled: Whether or not the Ticket Type is available for registration.
  • Price: Cost of Ticket Type (0.00 for Free Tickets)
  • Capacity: Number of available tickets, or "0" for Sold Out Ticket Types. Checking Unlimited Capacity sets this to 0, but will set an unlimited number of tickets available.
  • Discount: When a Discount Code + Discounted Price are added, guests can enter the code when adding a Ticket to their cart to apply the special price.


Can I delete a Ticket Type?

Ticket Types cannot be deleted, but they can be hidden from public view.

Can I create a private Ticket Type?

If you'd like to create a private Ticket Type for a certain audience (for example VIPs that you don't want to charge to attend your event), you can create a Ticket Type and un-check “Enabled.” All your Ticket Types are accessible when gifting Tickets, including those that have sold out or been hidden. For more information on gifting Tickets, click here.

What if I want to stop selling a certain Ticket Type before it's sold out?

If you want to stop selling a Ticket Type, you can either hide it (un-check “Enabled” in the Ticket Type's settings) or show it as “sold out” (set its capacity to zero). You may want to do this if you're considering offering certain Ticket Type for a limited time. For example, you could offer an Early Bird ticket that you manually hide on a certain date.

Can I offer discount codes to specific people?

Yes, but each type of ticket can only have one code and a discounted price. If you want to offer members of your organization a special discount, you can create a code like “FAMILY,” and ask them to use it when adding the ticket to their cart. Discounts can be used to make a ticket free, too! Just put 0 into the Discounted Price field.