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Listing Status

Your Event, Open House, or Calendar Listing could have a variety of statuses. Every status update includes the date, who made the change, and any notes that were included at the time the change was made.

  • Draft: When you start a new Listing, it will be in Draft status. You may create a Listing, but you won't be able to submit it for review until you have an active Community or Organizer Membership.
  • Submitted for Review: When you feel like your listing is ready for us to review, submit it!
  • Edits Requested: After we review your application, we may have some constructive feedback on how to improve your Listing. Please have a look at our comments in the status update, and update us when you've made the changes by Submitting for Review again.
  • Declined: Sometimes, Listings might just not be a good fit for the Festival or our Calendar. In those rare cases, we reserve the right to decline a Listing.
  • Pending Payment: Your Listing is approved, and can be paid for and published as soon as you're ready. Fees are waived for Organizer Members - if you receive this notification in error, simply email us and we'll remedy it.
  • Ready to Publish: At this point, you're all set to publish your event. We use this as an intermediate stage between payment and publishing, so you have an opportunity to make last-minute edits before clicking "Publish" and going Live.
  • Live: Your Listing is visible on the Calendar or Festival Schedule (once registration has opened).
  • Canceled: The organizer and Design Portland may jointly decide to cancel an event, for a number of reasons.