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Guest List

The Guest List is a log of all the Tickets issued for your event. This includes gifted and purchased Tickets, as well as refunded and revoked Tickets.

The Guest List Widget

In the Guest List widget, you can review:

  • Issued: Includes all Tickets: purchased, gifted, refunded, and revoked.
  • Purchased: Tickets created via the standard “ordering” process.
  • Gifted: Total Tickets you have issued via the Gift Ticket form.
  • Refunded: Total Tickets refunded.
  • Revoked: Total Tickets revoked.

From here, you can also Manage Guests, access Check-In, Gift a Ticket, or draft and send Messages.

Managing the Guest List

On the Guest List page, we list all Tickets issued for your event, with the most recently-issued ones at the top. From here, you can:

  • Search for a Ticket by name or number;
  • View additional information about a Ticket by clicking its "Manage” button;
  • Open the check-in tool;
  • Download an export of your tickets as a CSV;
  • Send a message to your ticket-holders (once registration opens);

Ticket Info + Actions

Clicking a Ticket will display its date issued, source, status, and its check-in code.

You're also presented with actions to “Revoke” and/or “Refund” tickets, as needed. Both are irreversible, so be sure the correct Ticket is selected before taking action. Please see our guide on Getting Paid for more information about refunds. Revoking a Ticket removes it from the attendee’s account (if it was associated with one), and makes it invalid for check-in. Generally, this should only be done in conjunction with a refund—but we’ve separated the actions so that you can retroactively comp Tickets, as needed. If you believe that a guest should forfeit their Ticket without a refund, please contact us before taking action.

Gifting Tickets

Should you want to gift a Ticket to someone, click “Gift Ticket” in the Guest List widget. Select an existing Ticket Type, provide a first name (or business name, whatever is most useful) and an email address. Click “Send Ticket” to create the Ticket. If the email matches an existing Design Portland account, it’ll be automatically associated with the account and the user will be notified—if not, an email containing Ticket details is still sent to the address provided. You can send yourself a Ticket to see how it'll look for your guests!

Even if the Ticket Type is sold out or private, you can still gift Tickets. Use this to invite VIPs or store other special/hidden Ticket Types—say, as a means to grant free access to your employees or board members!


For more information about checking your guests into your event, click here.