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Keeping your guests up-to-date is critical. You can email your guests via Guest List > Messages on your event's dashboard. Once you've created a Message, it'll appear in the Messages index. Messages are not shared between listings, so make sure you're viewing the right event!

Creating a Draft

A Message must be saved before it can be sent. Create a new Message by clicking "New Message," and provide a Name, Subject, Reply-To address, and Body. The body of your email is parsed as Markdown, so we recommend reviewing the features before you send your first message. Click “Test” on any Message to send yourself a preview.


Messages may take a few minutes to be delivered once you click “Send”. When delivery is complete, the Message's status will be updated to Sent. You may draft + send Messages up to one week after the conclusion of your event, at which point the messaging system is locked. If your Message contains new information about the time, location, or content of your event, be sure and update your listing as well, so new guests also have the latest information.

Acceptable Use

The messaging system is intended for critical, timely updates about your events. Advertising of any kind is forbidden, including the promotion of other events. Our mail provider Postmark has strict rules about the definition of transactional email, and abuse of the system can have negative effects on our ability to quickly + reliably deliver platform messages.

When composing an email, consider whether the content is essential for your guests' experience, or if it might be better suited for a social media post.

If you have questions about your communications strategy or content, please get in touch!