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From your Listing dashboard, click “Check-In” in the Registration widget to open a stripped-down page for checking in your guests.

Tickets are ordered alphabetically by the ticket holder’s last name (when available), but you can narrow down the list by searching for the ticket-holder’s name, or the Ticket’s check-in code. Here are some tips to help check-in go smoothly:

  • For events of 10–50 people, last names are usually enough to quickly find a Ticket;
  • If you have more than 50 attendees, searching by check-in code is recommended;
  • The first two digits are typically unique, up to about 200 attendees;
  • For events over 1000, you may need to input three characters to adequately narrow the list.

When searching, we normalize accents, special characters, and capitalization, so you don't need to worry about exact matches.

We strongly recommend downloading and printing a CSV of your tickets from the Guest List page the day before your event, and as soon as possible before doors open. This will ensure that you’re ready to check-in guests even when faced with technical troubles, on the day of your event.