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Listing Management

Collectively, any community-driven programming on the Design Portland platform is called a Listing.

When you apply to host a Festival Event, Open House, or put something on our year-round Calendar, you're creating a Listing. All your Listings appear under the My Listings tab in your account menu, separated by type.

You'll always have access to the Calendar section, and (starting in November), the following year's Festival Event and Open House categories so you can begin your applications. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when Festival applications open!

The rest of this guide focuses on individual Listings. You can create a new Listing by visiting one of the links in the My Listings section of the account dashboard menu. Any previously-saved Listings will also appear here.

Upon saving a Listing, you are taken to its management or landing page. This page contains a number of high-level pieces of information about the Listing, including its Status, Details, Ticket Types (if applicable), your Guest List, Waitlist, and Check-In tools. For more information on each of these sections, check out the sidebar on this page.