After every order that includes paid Tickets, we attempt to issue a Transfer for any Credits that it added to the Ledger. A Transfer represents the movement of funds out of the Design Portland platform account and into your personal Stripe account. Transfers are recorded as Debits in your transaction history: your platform balance will be reduced, but only once Stripe has confirmed that the Transfer succeeded.

If you do not have a Stripe account connected, you will see a Failed Transfer in your Transaction history. These are harmless, and just show when (internally) we tried to make a payout. As soon as you connect a Stripe account, Transfers will start to happen normally, and you’ll see normal Transfer transactions indicating a Debit on your platform balance for the amount transferred.

You can also view incoming Transfers via your Stripe dashboard. Every successful outgoing Transfer in your platform history will have a corresponding record in Stripe.

Periodically, Stripe will move funds into your connected bank account, though a process they call Payouts.