You can refund Tickets whenever you want. However, because the original processing fees are non-recoverable, refunds result in a Debit on your account for the full paid price of the ticket, not just the amount of the original Credit.


There are a couple of things to be aware of when issuing refunds, which we'll illustrate with an example:

If someone purchases a $5.00 Ticket to one of your events, you would be initially Credited $4.45 (see Processing Fees for more information), but a refund would result in a $5.00 Debit. This means that it’s possible for your Ledger balance to dip below zero (in this case, let’s assume to -$0.55).

If your balance is less than that of the ticket you wish to refund, Design Portland will still issue the refund, and make a Debit on your account reflecting it.

Subsequent sales will rectify this—if you sell two more $5 Tickets the next day, your balance would be brought back up to $8.86 (-$0.55 + $9.41, after fees). We attempt a payout after every order, so on the next Transfer after issuing a refund, you may see a Transfer + Debit for an unusual amount. This is because we will only issue a Transfer up to your current balance.

Carrying a Balance

Should you end up with a significant negative balance after your events are over, we may contact you to settle your balance so that you can come into next year’s Festival with a clean slate. This is only apt to happen if you issue refunds and no more tickets are sold—don't worry if you end up in this situation; we'll work it out.

On the other hand, if you end up with a positive balance (say, from not having had a Stripe account connected for the first week of registration), we’ll also get in touch to make sure you’re fully paid out.