You can refund Tickets whenever you want. However, because the original processing fees are non-recoverable, refunds result in a Debit on your account for the full paid price of the ticket, not just the amount of the original Credit.

Issuing a Refund

Please do not issue Refunds or reverse Transfers within Stripe!

To issue a refund, visit your Event's Dashboard, and click Manage Guests. Find the ticket you wish to refund, and expand its row to reveal the Refund and Revoke buttons. Clicking either will confirm the action.

Tickets can only be refunded once. Continue reading for more information about how refunds actually work.


There are a couple of things to be aware of when issuing refunds, which we'll illustrate with an example:

If someone purchases a $5.00 Ticket to one of your events, you would be initially Credited $4.45 (see Processing Fees for more information), but a refund would result in a $5.00 Debit. This means that it’s possible for your Ledger balance to dip below zero (in this case, let’s assume to -$0.55).

If your balance is less than that of the ticket you wish to refund, Design Portland will still issue the refund, and make a Debit on your account reflecting it.

Subsequent sales will rectify this—if you sell two more $5 Tickets the next day, your balance would be brought back up to $8.86 (-$0.55 + $9.41, after fees). We attempt a payout after every order, so on the next Transfer after issuing a refund, you may see a Transfer + Debit for an unusual amount. This is because we will only issue a Transfer up to your current balance.

Carrying a Balance

Should you end up with a significant negative balance after your events are over, we may contact you to settle your balance so that you can come into next year’s Festival with a clean slate. This is only apt to happen if you issue refunds and no more tickets are sold—don't worry if you end up in this situation; we'll work it out.

On the other hand, if you end up with a positive balance (say, from not having had a Stripe account connected for the first week of registration), we’ll also get in touch to make sure you’re fully paid out.