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Processing Fees

If you are hosting a paid event, processing fees apply. We withhold those fees from the sales of your Tickets. Design Portland does not assess any additional fees on the sale of organizers’ Tickets. There are no fees associated with free Tickets.

The processing fees are as follows:

  • 2.9% on the total charge amount;
  • $0.30 per successful charge;

Because we allow guests to check out with multiple Tickets, the flat $0.30 “successful charge” fee is sometimes divided among multiple organizers. Continue reading for more information on how fees are calculated and credits are issued.

Example Fees

Let’s looks at a couple of examples for how ticket sales may manifest in your platform balance: Suppose we have two Festival Events with paid Tickets: Event A (your event) has one Ticket Type for $5 and Event B (someone else's event) has one Ticket Type for $10.

The first scenario is pretty simple:

  • A guest buys a Ticket to Event A for $5.00.
  • Stripe assesses a 2.9% fee on the total amount, plus $0.30, resulting in a total fee of $0.45.
  • $5.00 minus $0.45 in fees nets you a $4.55 Credit.

For the second example, we’ll increase the complexity a bit:

  • A guest buys two tickets to Event B for $10 each ($20 total), in addition to a ticket for another organizer’s event. The total amount of the order is not known.
  • Stripe assesses a 2.9% fee on your portion of the charge, as well as a $0.30 fee split between you and the other organizer, resulting in $0.73 total fees on tickets to your event.
  • You are issued a Credit for $19.27.

As a matter of privacy, we don’t allow organizers to see what else was part of an order that included one their Tickets—the specifics end up being irrelevant to your payouts!


Am I charged to withdraw funds from my Stripe account?

In most cases, no. Fees are assessed as charges are made, and unless you need an Instant Payout, you do not pay additional fees once you receive funds from Design Portland.

What if I'm not using Stripe? Do I still pay fees?

Yes, fees are assessed at the time a payment is made, and will be reflected in your platform balance, irrespective of the method you've chosen to receive payouts.

Do I pay fees when I manually send or gift Tickets?

Nope! These are handled outside the payment system.