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A Transfer only represents funds moving from your Design Portland balance into your Stripe account. You get to decide when and how money moves from your Stripe account to any connected bank accounts. This second step is called a Payout.

Usually, your funds make it to your bank account within two days, but your first Payout may be held up to a week after your Stripe account is first opened. For that reason, we suggest creating and connecting an account as soon as possible, and well in advance of registration opening.

Read about Payouts on the Stripe knowledge base.

Viewing Payout Details

From your Stripe dashboard, you can see upcoming and past Payouts. Each Payout will show you the individual transfers that it covers, which in turn include a descriptions of what was included in the related purchase.

Alternate Disbursement Methods

If you choose not to link a Stripe account, we will need to process your disbursements manually. If you need to set up a special disbursement strategy, please send us a message at [email protected] as soon as possible.

For manual disbursements (for example, via paper check or PayPal), we log a Debit in your account, with a note about the chosen payment method, like a check number or confirmation code.