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Leadership Skills for a Feedback-Rich Creative Culture

It's widely understood that a feedback-rich culture greatly benefits creativity and innovation, as well as personal and team growth. And yet, even in the most supportive team environments with guidance on how to give and receive feedback constructively, still, not all team members will participate. This is human nature: when being seen as right overshadows hearing there’s a better way, thus rendering us defensive and unreceptive to the feedback. When voicing disagreements we self-censor our true thoughts. We are more concerned about not offending the other person, not sparking conflict and not damaging relationships. These emotional filters rob the team of much creative potential. How we experience being vulnerable in team situations and our tolerance for taking personal risk varies from person to person. As an analogy, organizing a high school dance with popular dance music, great mood lighting, and a pleasant atmosphere by itself does not guarantee people will step onto the floor and dance. People must be willing to let go of the inhibitions which prevent them from getting up; such as fear of rejection or fear of embarrassment once they are on the dance floor.

The benefits of using improv to develop individual and team behaviors in professional settings have been widely researched. In this workshop led by experienced improv, leadership & team coaches, participants will take part in a series of improv exercises, interspersed with short personal and group reflections. Activities have been carefully selected and sequenced to help build and exercise 'vulnerability muscles.' After the workshop, participants typically report increased confidence at taking more personal risks, feeling safer when vulnerable, being better and more emotionally attuned listeners, and being more open to feedback. Workshop participants will gain new ideas and a foundation to build on. Value is only fully achieved when these new ideas are translated into the team's behaviors and daily routines. We close the workshop by providing participants with recommendations on how they can take these learnings back and integrate them into their organizations.


Wednesday, August 12, 2020 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm


Virtual Event
Zoom link will be sent to registrants


Katarina Kojic and Herman D'Hooge

Herman D’Hooge is a sought-after thought leader and change agent. He has a reputation as a critical thinker and innovator with a keen ability to reframe problems in ways that open paths to novel solutions. He has worked as a technology researcher, product developer, industry evangelist, business strategist, and intrapreneur.

Katarina Kojic is an improv consultant with a history of working in creative fields, like advertising and design. She has an ability to get participants, regardless of their organizational level, to feel safe in what some undoubtably perceive as a scary and stressful situation. Results are transformative! Of course unpredictability is par for the course in improv. Kat, like her namesake feline, always seems able to land perfectly on her feet and turn any situation into a powerful teachable moment. If you want to boost the emotional safety within a team or just exercise your vulnerability muscle, improv really works, and Kat knows how to deliver it.