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Holding Pattern: A Collaborative Zine Workshop

A collaborative workshop where we hold space in a zine for each other, to acknowledge all of the ways we’re in a collective holding pattern, like a flight awaiting permission to land. Using Figma, a collaborative design tool, a group of 20 people will manifest a collective document reflecting on this moment in time.

Holding: grasp, carry, or support with one's arms or hands.
Holding: keep or sustain in a specified position.
Holding: embrace (someone).
Holding: be able to bear (the weight of a person or thing).
Holding: keep (someone's interest or attention).
Holding: remain secure, intact, or in position without breaking or giving way.

Pattern: (n) repetition.
Pattern: (v) to give a regular or intelligible form.

The Instructors

Professors Kathryn A. Mariner and Miguel Cardona are working on the second volume of Fertile Ground, a zine publishing Professor Mariner's work exploring placemaking in Rochester, New York.

The Session

After an introduction to the project and process, Professor Cardona will lead the group through a collaborative zine-making process that allows each participant to contribute their interpretation of the theme, "Holding Pattern". The end result will be printed at Outlet with generous support from imgix. Each contributor gets a copy, and it will be added to the zine library at Outlet and IPRC.

This Festival Event has ended.


Thursday, August 6, 2020 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm




Design Portland