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Ethical Representation in Design & Storytelling

What does it mean to share underrepresented voices responsibly? How can we better understand the role of identity, implicit biases, and white supremacy in the design and storytelling process?

Join a conversation on deep listening in creative disciplines. A panel of Visual Storytellers, Creative Directors, and Designers come together to discuss tensions in representing people of non-dominant cultural experiences and identities— in pictures, audio, insights, and commerce. Through this conversation, we'll unpack the ethics involved, common pitfalls, and mechanisms by which we can approach projects through a lens that doesn't consider white/cis/hetero/skinny/able-bodied vantage point an objective neutrality.

Panelists: Ez Blaine is a North Londoner currently living in LA, where the weather is way better. His focus is on making stuff that people love and want to share. He has done this for many incredible brands, innovative agencies and fearless entrepreneurs. Gia Goodrich is a mixed-Black, gay woman and award-winning Photographer/Director, creative strategist and educator. Jess Wallace is a queer designer with expertise in human-centered spaces and services, and Insights Director of SuperDeep Studio. Lauren Williams is a designer, organizer, researcher, and educator who works with visual and interactive media to reimagine the ways social and economic systems distribute and exercise power. 

Sponsor: SuperDeep Studio is a womxn-founded Service Design Studio.


Friday, August 7, 2020 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm


Virtual Event


SuperDeep Studio

SuperDeep is a womxn-founded Service Design Studio.