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Aligning employees through Values and Ways of Working: A Liquid Workshop

Understand the essential process designed to help organizations and teams define how they make decisions and behave in support of their goals. Defining and activating the two powerful culture tenets, Values, and Ways of Working will help any organization be more focused and aligned. With support of tangible examples from other companies, the workshop participants will work both as individuals, then, as a group, to codify a fictional company’s Values and Ways of Working in support of its purpose. Participants will learn both about how to develop Values and Ways of Working and how to activate them with their employees.

Participants will gain an understanding of the key culture tenets an organization must have to align its employees in support of its goals. Specifically, participants will get a clear understanding of the need to have both Values and Ways of Working. In addition, they will learn how to develop and activate them across their organization. Each participant will leave the Swarm with a Liquid Swarm Activity Workbook that will include culture and employee experience definitions and supporting examples, the Swarm activity and other background information that can be used to help participants align their employees to specific goals.

This event has been canceled.


Thursday, August 6, 2020 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm


Liquid Agency

Katie Wagner's passion and experience in building authentic brands has enabled her to serve as Liquid Agency's trusted role as part practice lead, part agency team leader, and overall strategic advisor. She draws on her diverse background to ensure that the agency is doing the right work in support of culture design and employee experience so that it resonates with her clients’ brand objectives and positively impacts their employees, customers and business.