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Albina Vision: A Conversation

Over the course of six months in early 2015 a wide range of engaged citizens and community leaders came together through work sessions and vision exercises to articulate their values and develop a physical framework for the future of Albina. These advocates of the city were given no specific development agenda and were free to establish their own standard of a successful outcome. From this combined knowledge of Portland, urban development, finance, history, and local communities, grew a holistic vision for an emerging Albina District.

Following this initial effort, the vision has been carried forward largely by volunteer members of the initial working group supported by various professionals lending their specific expertise. As a framework vision, this is a living idea that will continue to evolve through the collaboration of a wide range of community leaders, citizens, local and state government organizations and a wide range of professionals including developers, architects, engineers and planners.

Albina Vision honors the neighborhoods’s past by transforming what exists today into a socially and economically inclusive community of residents, businesses, artists, makers, and visitors. This vibrantly diverse community is anchored by intentionally conceived parks, plazas, combined with civic and cultural event spaces of different size and use, and is seamlessly connected to the river and its surrounding neighborhoods.

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Monday, August 3, 2020 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm


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