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Soul Soak World

Soul Soak World, founded by Kierrah Byrd, is a virtual event series and platform for Black womxn and femmes to discuss identity. Our sole mission is to provide Black womxn and femmes a safe space to recharge and express themselves while providing a sanctuary away from a world of prejudgements and hatred. We are a growing network of Black womxn from many different backgrounds, yearning for an inclusive community.

Part of Open Houses, Week 3: July 20-24.

SUSTAINING GREATNESS: This week we are occupying space on the Design Week platform to celebrate our recurring theme of “Sustaining Greatness”. Each highlight aligns with our dedication to amplifying Black and Indigenous People of Color and their voices. Everyone in this curation exudes excellence in their own way and we encourage you to take time to immerse yourself in appreciating their talents and entrepreneurship in addition to all the folx that exist within the Mercatus ecosystem.

-Mercatus PDX Social Media Manager Cookie Z.

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Open Houses are being broadcast on the official Design Portland Instagram account. Follow us to be notified when Open Houses like this go live!