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Savina Monet

Savina Monet is a graphic designer and advocate for cannabis equity. Along with design, a podcast, and digital workshops, Monet is currently working to form a non-profit to fundraise and help pay the OLCC licensing fees for BIPOC wanting to join the cannabis industry.

Part of Open Houses, Week 1: July 6-10.

GRASSROOTS: the theme of our Open House week calls upon the intersections of creatives, activism, and community care, particularly within the scope of plants, nature, and beings. As we continue to navigate society amidst the current revolution, we seek the work of makers who have long incorporated equity and advocacy into their art, and continue to build upon generations-long traditions of action. Just like grassroots organizations, many of these artists are independent or work within small teams– a reminder that our activism can and often does intersect with our creative visions.

-Portland in Color curators Celeste Noche and Emilly Prado

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