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Ruby Joy White

Ruby Joy White (She/Prince) is a stylish, 30-something sapphically-inclined, writer-violinist-dancer-Sagittarius-TOMBOY, based in Portland, OR. A radical imaginist, Prince is a cultural curator, and plans & executes creative events, art talks, festivals, and installations that center People of Color and all their intersections. Additionally, Prince hosts conversations on equity in creative spaces, engages with youth, has a background in education, and moderates panels in the Portland community. She is a Content Writer for Art for Ourselves, a copywriter, an editor, and a consultant for racial equity, queer equity, organizational structure & strategic planning trainings. Prince is an aspiring screenwriter.

Part of Open Houses, Week 2: July 13-17.

We creatives are the true intersection of art and activism. Not only is our art progressive and pushing the boundaries of what’s accepted, our mere presence is radical. Showing up to work with Black and Brown bodies, unique gender identities, and the experiences of living a life of oppression is radical and revolutionary in and of itself. This series seeks to give a platform to those who deserve it, especially in this time of reimagining and evolution.

JOOP JOOP Creative curator Fran Bittakis

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