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Liquid Agency

How to create a brand experience everyone can enjoy? Just add Liquid.

At Liquid Agency, we believe every experience is a brand experience. Which means every single ingredient is essential to creating and sustaining your brand. Every product and service. Every aspect of your website. Every business decision you make. All the ways you support your people, your values and your communities. When all these components blend together, it results in something both potent and enjoyable. Just like crafting the perfect cocktail!

At our open house, we will be hosting a team-based Liquid Cocktail workshop guided by Liquid staff. Come learn about brand and design through a fun, interactive workshop-style event. All cocktail creations will be judged and entered into a bracket-style competition with the grand prize of a Liquid Cocktail Kit for each winning team member.

Why Attend

Experience a different kind of agency. We’re a social bunch and love a reason to gather, so come meet the Liquid family. Participate in our Cocktail Swarm Workshop, mingle with fellow creatives and get a chance to win a signature Liquid Cocktail Kit created around our brand values.

About Liquid Agency

We’re an experience design firm born in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of innovation with offices in San Jose, Portland, New York, and Chile. Twenty years ago, we founded Liquid to be different than typical agencies by embracing our roots and working with leading brands worldwide. The result, then as now, is design thinking with a startup mentality. A mindset and philosophy that helps us quickly conceive and deliver brand experience, customer experience and employee experience solutions for many of the world’s most progressive companies.

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This event has been canceled.