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BRENDA ARTS is a film program geared for POC youth and involves film history, media literacy, and production. BRENDA ARTS' goal is to create an outlet for a new Black cinematic expression and boost the voices of marginalized groups. Juxtaposed to the white supremacy built into traditional film school and film industry at large, BRENDA offers a strong alternative. It’s film school with flavor. We speak about how the student’s identity intersects with cinema, graphic design, Black high fashion, music, and while leaving room for them to express themselves in the visual arts.

Part of Open Houses, Week 4: July 27-31.

THRIVE: This week, we’re highlighting people we admire for the abundance they create with their work. These creatives are thriving and making space for others to thrive. Their pursuit unlocks experiences for others, creating a ripple effect that raises many ships.

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