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Women + The Future

Women are leading in the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence industries and shaping the way this technology is created through design leadership, content creation, and talent acquisition. In this event, Ladies' Night PDX and 52 Limited will host a panel discussion and interactive experience with woman leaders from VR, AR, and AI. We'll discuss the challenges and successes for diversity in this field and creative ways to get experience and opportunities with new technology.

Event attendees will have an immersive experience in Augmented Reality sponsored by Torch 3D and Virtual Reality experience by The Wild.

Event moderator and panelists include:

Nicolle Merrill is the founder of Future Skills, a company that teaches professionals how to upskill and build influence in the workplace. Nicolle also teaches people how to transition into full time remote job in her online course, Roadmap to Remote. She's currently writing a book to help professionals upskill for jobs that don't exist yet. Nicolle is a big fan of rowdy card games, lounging in hammocks, and giving out sci-fi book recommendations.

Tera Hatfield is a PNW native and the design director of Torch. With a background in visual design and architecture, her curiosity and creative endeavors lie at the intersection of spatial computing and physical design. Tera's work spans the design of mobile products, augmented realities, real world environments, and the occasional robot. Penguin | Random House recently published "Seattleness: A Cultural Atlas," a data visualization book she co-wrote and designed. She's won national architecture awards and, in general, is fond of prototypes, A-frames, Bucky Fuller, and f-bombs. Say hello, she fights for good.

Llanée Anderson leads university recruiting for Intel AI, and is responsible for connecting BS, MS, and PhD students to opportunities that span the entire Artificial Intelligence Stack. She often explores topics related to the future of work, talent strategy, and ethics within the field AI. Her passion lies at the intersection of innovation, diversity and inclusion, and talent strategy. She's served on non-profit and corporate boards and has focused on increasing opportunities for underrepresented populations. Llanée is from a non-traditional academic background. She uses this to her advantage to attract AI talent and to connect people to life-changing opportunities. In between her travels, Llanée resides in Portland with her partner.

Melissa Chan has been designing interactive experiences for 14 years — her interests lie at the intersection of people and products. After many years working for agencies (FINE, Sequence, Uncorked, Cinco) she’s now leading design efforts at XR startup The Wild, overseeing user experience and creative efforts in product, brand, and marketing. When she’s not working, she’s spending time outdoors with her husband and son.

Em Ivers is a multidisciplinary creator who’s helped make everything from interactive soccer balls to mixed reality glasses. Over the past 12 years, she’s worked to bring meaning to emerging technologies at companies like Intel, Nike, and Adidas as an interaction designer specializing in spatial computing and as a design lead guiding product and UX strategy. The core of her creative philosophy is a passion for learning and a commitment to intellectual honesty and user advocacy. She’s currently a consultant focused on product innovation and XR.

*Event banner design by Jessea Grayson

This Festival Event has ended.


Monday, April 8, 2019 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Ladies' Night PDX & 52 Limited

Ladies’ Night is a community of women-identifying/non-binary folks who gather to learn, network, and help each other advance in our careers.

52 Limited is a digital resource company connecting creative + technology talent with leading brands, marketing and engineering departments, start-ups, design firms, advertising and interactive agencies.