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Unparalleled Product Design: JavHack

How does sports equipment change the sport? Our top javelin throwers are throwing perilously close to the edge of the field. Redesign the javelin for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! What change can you make that would be exciting for athletes and spectators and the history of the sport? Work on your throwing and your designing with 2X Javelin World Record Holder, Olympian and TurboJav creator Tom Petranoff.

Unparalleled workshops celebrate the unique and internationally prominent product design of Oregon. The University of Oregon's internationally acclaimed Product Design faculty, graduate students and affiliated professional designers teach the skills and funnel the excitement of the industry around us. The workshops are free and are built for high schoolers, but are open to all who want to learn about Product Design.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm


University of Oregon, White Stag Building


Department of Product Design, University of Oregon

The internationally fabulous and acclaimed Product Design faculty and Sports Product Design graduate students from the University of Oregon.