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The Tale of the High West Whiskey Run

Join award-winning experiential agency, Manifold, for a celebration of craftsmanship and storytelling around how we brought to life the High West Whisky Train. Through a panel discussion and enjoyment of High West’s whiskey blends, we’ll share our passion for great whiskey, the American West and providing authentic brand experiences that engage, delight, captivate and inspire. Learn about the strategy, design and creation of the High West Whiskey Train, currently touring the country, and see how providing a delicious environment for whiskey enthusiasts encourages them to stop, take note and share a drink and a story of their own. Both Manifold and High West strongly believe that appreciation comes from education. So please spend some time learning about our process and sampling our creations. We hope you leave loving whiskey, our work and the West, just a little bit more.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019



Manifold is an experiential marketing firm offering strategy, ideation & execution on experiences that engage, delight, captivate & inspire.