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The 4 Macro Trends you need to know

Staying relevant in the Age of Acceleration.

If you experience FOMO ore are constantly busy, if you feel there's never enough time, and scrolling your social media feed makes you feel inferior and out of the loop - you are experiencing the Age of Acceleration.

Not only does everything seem to accelerate, we also are at the cusp of the 4th Industrial revolution which will additionally influence and substantially change how we work, produce, connect and express ourselves.

While these changes are mainly driven by robotics*, artificial intelligence (AI)** and machine learning (ML), it is incredibly helpful to understand the bigger context which will empower you to create and design meaningful products that are in line with your customer values and experiences.

Join us for coffee, pastries and mingle with creatives from various industries. Daniela will walk you through the 4 Macro trends, how we got here, how we can adapt, adjust and thrive in this new reality!

Later, we will break into smaller groups to workshop ideas and solutions to the challenges you find most pressing. You will leave the session refreshed, optimistic and energized and with a downloadable link to the presentation and fresh new insights.

Space is limited but we do have some free spots reserved for students. Please contact us directly via email.

*The International Labor Organization reports that robots will replace between 64% and 88% of textile, clothing and footwear workers in Far East. **It is expected that artificial intelligence and machine learning will directly impact 47% of U.S. jobs

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Monday, April 8, 2019 from 10:00am to 12:00pm


Daniela Caine - Creative Director and Creative* Leadership Coach

We are transforming individuals and teams by coaching a new generation of creatives* to be leaders and change agents. Because the world needs you!

*if you are human you are creative