Tender Table: Stories about food, family, identity

Tender Table is a storytelling platform for women, trans men and nonbinary folks who are black, indigenous, or people of color. Tender Table seeks out narratives about our sweet, savory, sour, and bitter relationships to food and its connections to identity, memory, and community.

Local Chefs Kusuma Rao of Ruchikala, Arlyn Frank of Platano Rising, and Dashia Fontleroy of Blackstreet Bakery will be sharing stories and food with us for this special edition of Tender Table curated for Design Week.

Through food, we connect with our culture, and at times it is through food that we share our culture with others. At Tender Table, all are welcome — expect to be immersed in stories, and sample delicious food prepared by the speakers.

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Saturday, April 13, 2019


Tender Table

Tender Table is composed of four women of color. We organize events to amplify voices we feel are underrepresented.