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Reel Science: Animated Shorts Showcase

Enjoy an exclusive screening of original animated shorts created by local Portland animation studios. All content will be PG-13 and above. Doors at 6:15.

Program will include:

Two Balloons by Mark C. Smith | Two travelers return to a place crossed by stars and clouds where love is at the beginning of everything.

Armor del Amor by HouseSpecial | From Portland animation studio HouseSpecial and Director Kirk Kelley comes Armor del Amor – a kind of nature "documentary" that follows the mating rituals of Dasypus novemcinctus (nine-banded female armadillo) to discover the dark underbelly of modern mammalian dating.

Raven & Crow by Jotham Porzio | After years of serving as lowly foot soldiers for the Corvidae Family, a powerful east coast crime syndicate, wise-guy Raven convinces his side-kick Crow to strike out on their own and get their hands on a piece of the action. The only problem is, stealing from the Avian Mafia is never a good idea.

A Rat’s Life by Zak Margolis | Bad dreams are only dreams. Or are they? One rat finds out when confronting a glowing hotdog during a routine fishing expedition.

Animate Everything: An AEPDX Retrospective (curator Jamal Qutub) | Featuring: Ben Luce, Emily Skaer, PMurphy, MacGregor Campbell, Cindy Sullivan, Jamal Qutub, Alex Miller, Brian Smith, Blain Klitzke, Carlos Enciso, Daniel Moreno, Meg Hunt, Devin Gustafson, Neil Hilken, Greg Browe, Jared Hundley, Deepsky, Kim Daley, Alex Bernard, Yahira Hernandez

The Homebrew (curator: Sophya Vidal) | Featuring: Andy Cunial, Julia Gross, Jill Mackesey, Emily Myers, Jin Pharn, Jason Ptaszek, Gary Hogue, Celeste Leipham, Temris Ridge, Ben Chapin, Ruby Lambie, Taylor Lane, Lee Alailima-Rose, Nick Berzl, Allyson Willsey, Danie Townsley, Sam Arneson, Madison Russell, Sophya Vidal, Alex Miller, KJ Murr, Nathan Younger, Neisje Morrell, Rob Bekuhrs, Kelly Jensvold, Josh Skull Dixon

PSU Student Submissions | Featuring: Elisa Hung, Bailey Collins, Elena Kim, and Nick Boxwell

PNCA Student Submissions | Featuring: TBD


Jamal Qutub is a director, designer, animator and coffee lover. He’s currently working 3 jobs as art director at Helios Interactive, manager of AEPDX (the Portland After Effects Adobe User Group), and creative director and partner at Nimpsy Studio.

Zak Margolis is an artist living in Portland, OR. While primarily an animator, Margolis is drawn to all kinds of different ways of exhibiting his work, sometimes working with live performers, and occasionally performing with the work himself. His intuitive narratives are darkly comical.

Jotham Porzio is an Oregon native who works hard making client animations so he can create cartoons for fun. Character animation is the driving force behind Joth Studio's work and it continues to serve as his primary source of inspiration to produce more commercials, short films and cartoons.

Sophya Vidal is a storyteller and artist with a production career of over 10 years. Her experience includes Theatrical design projects, Animation and VFX work (at Starburns Industries, Shadow Machine NW, Bent Image Lab and many indespendent clients) and Poetry. Homebrew PDX is Sophya's personal project lead every year during the Fertile Ground Festival to celebrate and share local Indie Portland animation community. This special screening is a just taste of the showcase and the wonderful stuff PDX indie animation is made of.


This event uses offsite registration. Click Register to visit the external ticketing page.


Wednesday, April 10, 2019 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm


The Emprical Theater at OMSI