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Performing Interaction Design

We're constantly performing...with our faces, with our fingers, and with our bodies. Often we are the ones designing the things that mediate our relationships with each other and with our surroundings.

If you want a refresher on connecting with users and a new tool to add to your design process, this is the workshop for you!

Come perform with us. Let's make things that are logical, accessible, and ethical.

Why try performing interactions?

Sometimes contemplating interactions doesn’t happen best on a sheet of paper or inside of the Adobe Suite. It happens face to face and in situ. Get back to basics and try applying simple performance methods to your practice.

What will happen in this workshop?

In this workshop, you’ll participate in a series of performance exercises to explore common user-experience obstacles, obstructions to empathic design, design ethics, and the relationship between performer and audience.

These exercises may seem abstract at first, but we’ve found they can help you to anticipate unexpected behaviors and outcomes or better yet, come at design from a whole new direction.

After each exercise, we’ll cool down with a discussion. What did these exercises make you feel? How did they shift your understanding of the user? How might they inform your own design practice and methods?

What if I’m not a performer?

A-OK! No performance experience is necessary and we promise you won’t be delivering any monologues by the end of it! These exercises are about exploration, not getting stage fright.

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Friday, April 12, 2019 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm


The Institute for Comedic Inquiry (IFCI) and plus & greater than (+&>)

Traci Sym is a co-founder at +&>, a performance-based design studio.

Laura Allcorn is the founder of IFCI, an artist-led research group.