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Manage Your Time, Manage Your Creativity

Many of us are so overwhelmed with tasks and deadlines that we have no energy left for the creative side of our work -- or we’re so busy with professional pursuits that we have no idea how to carve out time for our creative side projects.

This workshop gives you two hours of neuroscience and frameworks to understand how you can manage your time differently, based on your own specific life and work hurdles.

The goal: to help you feel calmer, focused and more energized for your creative pursuits.

This workshop is designed specifically for creatives and visual thinkers who want a hands-on and efficient way to learn science-backed time management techniques.

Take-aways: Practical frameworks, brain-friendly worksheets for weekly or monthly use, and psychology tips that can be used in your professional life, for side hustles, and passion projects.

This Festival Event has ended.


Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 10:00am to 12:00pm


11:11 Supply

Our mission is to empower people to reach for bigger, happier goals—one workshop, psychology tip and beautiful work tool at a time.