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Make a Chocolate Sculpture

Transfer your art and craft skills to a new medium. The workshop begins with a brief introduction to tempering and using chocolate before we jump into making decorations. Play with tempered chocolate, modeling chocolate, chocolate grains, natural color and coating chocolate. Mold, shape and pipe individual elements to create a branch, flowers, leaves, butterfly, pebbles and a small figure, then put them together on a mirror to complete your pièce de résistance!

What to expect: The focus will be on gaining an initial understanding of the chemistry of chocolate and a handful of techniques for creating varied decorations. Each participant will make their own version of the elements, then choose how to combine them into a centerpiece. We have a lot to accomplish in a short time; the focus will be on learning new skills for your toolkit.

This Festival Event has ended.


Sunday, April 7, 2019 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm


Chocolate Craft Studio

Peggy operates Chocolate Craft Studio, where she teaches crafters of all ages to work with chocolate, sugar, and specialty decorating products. Her line of modeling chocolate and natural decorating products has been sold around the world.

She has created unusual pieces including cakes for the Rolling Stones, Beach Boys and Marlon Brando; a fifty foot replica of the Boulder Mall and sugar and chocolate pieces for the World Pastry Forum, National Pastry Championships, Food and Wine’s Pageant of Chefs and the Food Network’s Easter Unwrapped.

Awards include Gold, Bronze, and Best of Show medals at competitions including Patis France, Denver Culinary Arts Salon and the National Dessert competitions.