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Indigo Vat Basics

From the growing and harvesting to the extraction of leaf to dye, there is no denying the special nature of indigo. Rio will explain this nature and demonstrate how to easily create a dye vat that is non toxic. This vat will yield a blue of many shades. Together we will create samples and small works of wonder to begin your love affair with indigo. This workshop has a little of every aspect from the process through demonstrations to hands on creating.

I am very dedicated to sharing my knowledge with those that will benefit and so I have allotted a few spaces for those who are in need of a discount to attend this workshop. Please email me with your story and I will take into consideration all those that reach out. This need can be for students or anyone who has financial restrictions.

This Festival Event has ended.


Sunday, April 7, 2019 from 10:00am to 1:00pm



R A W Textiles

RAW Textiles is a production dye studio that specializes in natural dyed textiles since 2009. Rio Wrenn is the face behind the label